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Die Paradise Papers sind ein Konvolut von ursprünglich vertraulichen Unterlagen der Anwaltskanzlei Appleby und des kleineren Treuhandunternehmens Asiaciti Trust, die der Süddeutschen Zeitung zugespielt wurden. Die Paradise Papers [ˈpəɹə.daɪ̯s ˈpeɪpəʳz] (deutsch Paradies-Papiere) sind ein Konvolut von ursprünglich vertraulichen Unterlagen der Anwaltskanzlei​. Paradise Papers: Ein neues Offshore-Leak erschüttert Konzerne, Politiker und die Welt der Superreichen. Paradise Papers: Offshore-Kunden der Kanzlei Appleby geraten in Erklärungsnot​. Es geht um Korruption, Geldwäsche, Steuerhinterziehung. Auf die «Offshore Leaks» folgten die «Panama Papers», und nun werfen die «​Paradise Papers» ein weiteres Schlaglicht auf die Praktiken der.

Paradise Paper

Paradise Papers: Offshore-Kunden der Kanzlei Appleby geraten in Erklärungsnot​. Es geht um Korruption, Geldwäsche, Steuerhinterziehung. Hunderte Journalisten, Tausende Briefkastenfirmen, Millionen Dokumente - das steckt hinter den Enthüllungen der "Paradise Papers". Von Jan. Über die sogenannten Paradise Papers wird die aktuell viel diskutiert wird. In diesem Artikel erklären wir Ihnen, was genau das ist.

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Die aufgedeckten Geschäfte wurden von Appleby vor allem auf Bermuda durchgeführt. In: The Guardian. Sponsored Topic. In: Deutschlandfunk. Der Süddeutschen Zeitung wurden insgesamt etwa 13,4 Millionen Dokumente zugespielt. Christian Weisflog Eine schwere Bedrohung von Presse und Informanten. Paradise Paper Retrieved 24 October Beste Spielothek in Oberzeilberg finden Today. Daily Balochistan Express. Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz is listed in the papers, having set up Jan Delay VermГ¶gen trust called the Antarctic Trust owned by a Delaware corporation. In order to assure their high quality, our quality checkers test these papers against diverse Beste Spielothek in Apelstedt finden. This paper is available Beste Spielothek in Oberdraufendorf finden market in tear proof texture. Queen Noor of Jordan is listed in the papers as the beneficiary of two trusts registered in Jersey. Paradise Paper from the original on 1 December This became the principal reason why Mauritius emerged as a top channel for investments Ladies.De Anzeigen routed into India. In diesem Zusammenhang werden ihm auch Beziehungen zur russischen Regierung und deren Vertrauten vorgeworfen. Beim FormelWeltmeister geht fast nichts ohne Briefkastenfirma. Faber Lotto Kostenlos Handelsminister verirrt sich Spiele Super Lion - Video Slots Online russischen Sumpf. Wenn Deutschland, z. Dokumente enthalten, etwa von den Bermudasden Cookinseln oder Malta. Aber Steueroasen helfen nicht nur Konzernen dabei, Steuern zu vermeiden, sondern auch Privatpersonen.

Efromovich used a Panamanian offshore that hid more than 20 firms located in tax havens. Allowing Avianca to make headway in the low-cost carrier business in Argentina.

The Argentine government accepted this offshores as a financial guarantee to assign air routes to Avianca. The whole operation of assigning air routes is investigated by the Argentine federal justice system in a case called "Avianca" in which the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri and other officials were imputed.

A subsidiary of the Kremlin-controlled Gazprom funded an investment company that partnered with DST Global to buy shares in Facebook , reaping millions when the social media giant went public in Twitter similarly went public in One of the Katanga board members was Glencore major shareholder Telis Mistakidis , a former employee whose stock options made him a billionaire in the IPO.

Glencore, which had effectively taken over Katanga, agreed to vote for the joint venture. The loan document specifically provided that repayment would be owed if agreement was not reached within three months.

Gertler and Glencore each have denied wrongdoing. Appleby had worked for Glencore and its founder Marc Rich on major projects in the past, even after his indictment in President Bill Clinton on 20 January , Clinton's last day in office.

A separate ICIJ project found that tax auditors in Burkina Faso accused a Glencore subsidiary of deducting from its taxes "fictitious" payments to other Glencore subsidiaries, and of selling the zinc from its mine to another Glencore company in unrefined form to minimize its revenue.

Its CEO told shareholders before this that it expected a spike in demand, which did materialize. Appleby documents detail how Nike boosted its after-tax profits by, among other maneuvers, transferring ownership of its Swoosh trademark to a Bermudian subsidiary, Nike International Ltd.

This transfer allowed the subsidiary to charge royalties to its European headquarters in Hilversum , Netherlands , effectively converting taxable company profits to an account payable in tax-free Bermuda.

Dutch law treats income earned by a CV as if it had been earned by the principals, who owe no tax in the Netherlands if they do not reside there. One in six dollars of foreign profit earned by US multinationals was earned, at least on paper, through a Dutch CV subsidiary.

Companies with similar structures include Tesla, Inc. Appleby managed 17 offshore companies for Odebrecht , a Brazilian conglomerate, and at least one of them was used as a vehicle for paying bribes in Operation Car Wash.

Some of these offshore companies are publicly known to operate for Odebrecht in Africa and be involved in bribes. PokerStars and its founders were pursued by the US Department of Justice for allegedly money laundering billions until they negotiated a settlement in 31 July In March , David Baazov and other executives were charged by Canadian regulators with multiple securities fraud charges related to the acquisition of PokerStars.

Saadi Yacef , freedom fighter, author, and politician, appears in the Papers in connection with a trust in the Cayman Islands, along with a former energy minister, the family of a former foreign minister and their South Pacific holdings.

An opposition party, UNITA , called for an investigation into alleged diversions from the country's sovereign wealth fund.

The Mauritius Supreme Court later froze 91 bank accounts associated with Bastos as part of an inquiry into his investments for the Angolan sovereign wealth fund, and suspended the licenses of seven investment companies linked to Bastos' Quantum Global.

Ibrahim Mahama , brother of former president of Ghana John Mahama , registered a company in the Isle of Man to hold the registration for his private jet, according to Appleby documents.

In , Ghanaian authorities took his company to court for allegedly not making social security payments.

The case was later settled. Sally Kosgei , member of parliament — and minister of agriculture to March , owned a million-dollar flat near Harrods in London through an offshore she told Appleby was funded by her flower-export company.

Aliko Dangote , Africa's richest man with an estimated wealth of Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa is listed as beneficiary, along with his daughter, of a trust which holds the Seychelles -based Katonga Investments Ltd.

Katonga gave as its source of income Enhas Uganda, another Kutesa-owned company criticized in a parliamentary committee as part of a privatization it said had been "manipulated and taken advantage of by a few politically powerful people who sacrifice the people's interests".

Kutesa told the Daily Monitor he had never done anything with the company. India ranks 19th out of the countries represented in the data in terms of the number of names.

In all, there are Indians in the tally, including noted political leaders [57] like Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha , [58] [59] [60] notable names like actor Amitabh Bachchan a shareholder in a Bermuda-based digital media company , former Member of Parliament of the Rajya Sabha Vijay Mallya.

The papers revealed that Mallya sold United Spirits to Diageo in , which it later approached London-based law firm Linklaters to restructuring the group structure created by Mallya.

Two children of deceased former president and dictator Suharto , Tommy and Mamiek in addition to opposition party leader Prabowo Subianto Suharto's former son-in-law and businessman-turned-opposition politician Sandiaga Uno are listed in the papers.

The Directorate General of Taxes released a statement that they will follow up the information provided on Indonesian taxpayers.

The principal shareholder of the company was Hui Chi Ming. Neil Bush , brother of George W. Bush , was a director deputy chairman of the company.

Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz is listed in the papers, having set up a trust called the Antarctic Trust owned by a Delaware corporation. An internal Appleby document raised concerns about warrants issued for him in connection with the killing of a local leader.

Aziz dismissed both the murder charge and the allegations of financial impropriety. Silberstein had served as Gusenbauer's campaign advisor.

The French filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud is listed in the papers. As a result of the investigation, according to his lawyer, the filmmaker informed French tax authorities in the month preceding the release of the papers about his offshore holdings.

Mareva Grabowski is listed in the Paradise Papers. This match is verified in Appleby and on listed in Cayman records on 30 March In total, 2.

U2 lead singer Bono is listed in the papers [74] as an investor in a Lithuanian shopping centre via a Malta -based company.

Antanas Guoga , a Member of the European Parliament , is named in the papers. The residence application and tax returns were initiated by PricewaterhouseCoopers , which handles offshore companies owned by Popovic.

Those entities were also implicated in money laundering and tax evasion accusations, explicitly mentioned in the Paradise Papers.

Quantum Global Group, an investment bank owned by Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais , managed the Angolan wealth fund invested in seven investment funds in Mauritius and received an annual fee of 2 percent to 2.

The sons, both doing maritime business, officially set up two companies in Malta , to avoid high Turkish tax rates. Companies, named Hawke Bay Marine Co.

The brothers sued journalist Pelin Ünker and the newspaper Cumhuriyet in after they published the revelations. In January a Turkish court sentenced Ünker to thirteen months in jail for "defamation and insult", and separately fined the newspaper for "insult".

The prison sentence was overturned on appeal due to a statute of limitations, although the fine was allowed to stand. The papers show that the Duchy of Lancaster , a private estate of Queen Elizabeth II , held investments in two offshore financial centres , the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

Both are British Overseas Territories of which she is monarch, and nominally appoints governors. Britain handles foreign policy for both islands to a large extent, but Bermuda has been self-governing since A spokesman for the Duchy said that all of their investments are audited and legitimate and that the Queen voluntarily pays taxes on income she receives from Duchy investments.

Four weeks after the Duchy of Cornwall purchased shares in Sustainable Forestry Management, Prince Charles made a speech criticising the European Union Emission Trading Scheme and the Kyoto Protocol for excluding carbon credits from rainforests , and called for change.

He said he had first disclosed the trust when he joined the Treasury in , where he was Commercial Secretary from to After reporting began, Appleby sued The Guardian and the BBC on 18 December for breach of confidence as it sought copies of the documents.

In a joint statement, the companies stated the vast majority of documents in the leak were not legally privileged , that the Guardian and the BBC explained to Appleby which documents were used in their reporting, and that the Guardian and the BBC had done this without compromising their journalistic integrity.

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is named in the papers. Dan Gertler , Israeli billionaire businessman in natural resources and the founder and President of the DGI Dan Gertler International Group of Companies appears in documents regarding his relationship with Glencore.

Queen Noor of Jordan is listed in the papers as the beneficiary of two trusts registered in Jersey. The trust also owns property in southern England adjacent to Buckhurst Park, Sussex.

The other trust, the Brown Discretionary Settlement, is the beneficial owner of a Jersey-incorporated investment holding company with assets worth c.

Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a former deputy minister of defense for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is given as the owner of at least eight companies in Bermuda between and , some of them apparently formed for purposes of owning yachts and airplanes.

Rami Makhlouf , reportedly Syria's wealthiest man, is listed in the papers. Figueres resigned from the board that year, at the annual EF meeting in Davos.

High-profile Mexicans in the files include billionaire Carlos Slim , [] priest Marcial Maciel known as "the greatest fundraiser of the modern Roman Catholic church", [] and Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

Tillerson, while CEO of Exxon Yemen, was a director of a company with a joint venture agreement with a Yemeni state-owned company. He sued when Yemen ended the joint venture and turned over operations to a Yemeni company, and lost.

He was still a company director and the offshore company was still active as recently as The documents also revealed that, between and , Russian state organizations with ties to Putin pursued large investments in Facebook and Twitter via an intermediary—Russian-American entrepreneur Yuri Milner , who befriended Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg [] and was a business associate of Jared Kushner , President Donald Trump 's son-in-law.

Prominent Democratic donors also appear in the law firm's files. Questions have arisen about Democratic Party donor Penny Pritzker 's compliance with federal ethics rules.

She had pledged to divest from more than firms when she was confirmed as President Barack Obama's commerce secretary in , but records show that she transferred assets to a company owned by her children's trusts , which shared the same address as her office.

The late financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein also figures in the Paradise Papers, as chairman from at least to of a Bermudan-registered company, Liquid Funding, Ltd.

Argentine Finance Minister Luis Caputo managed at least two offshore wealth funds. Faena also appears with bank accounts in Luxembourg and the Isle of Man , linked to different hotels and real estate projects in Puerto Madero.

In the offshore firms he was associated with different investors such as Soviet-born British-American businessman Leonard Blavatnik ; American billionaire J.

Agriculture Minister Blairo Borges Maggi is mentioned in the papers. Henrique de Campos Meirelles , the former Brazilian Minister of Finance, told Poder that he does not report income from his Sabedoria Foundation because it was set up to perform charitable functions after his death and therefore he receives no income from it.

President of Colombia — Juan Manuel Santos is mentioned in the investigation. After the release of the Paradise Papers, the Finance Ministry announced that details of offshore holdings of Indians named would be investigated by the Multi Agency Group which was set up after publication of the Panama Papers in April According to Indian laws, it is not illegal for Indians to own property in Dubai.

As per the Foreign Exchange Management Act of , resident and non-resident Indians are allowed to own immovable properties abroad.

Around 15 teams of income tax department carried out the raids at different places in Jalandhar and Ludhiana. Officials said the first set of summons with specific questions for each were sent in end-November.

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What are the Paradise Papers? Weitere Tricks, mit denen der Internet-Konzern Zahlungen umgeht, sind jetzt bekannt geworden. Ein zweiter Grund hat mit dem Ort der dubiosen Geschäfte zu tun. In den Paradise Papers sind zahlreiche Deutsche zu finden. Darin finden sich Dart Heute ErgebniГџe in Länder dieser Erde. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Sie können die finanzielle Privatsphäre auf legitime Weise schützen, es besteht aber Beste Spielothek in PillmansgrГјn finden die Gefahr eines Missbrauchs. Der Frontmann der Rockband U2 betonte, ihm sei versichert worden, dass die Firmen sich voll und ganz an die Steuervorschriften hielten. Die Beste Spielothek in Dannstadt finden Reporter werteten 13,4 Millionen Dokumente aus Beste Spielothek in Hauzendorf finden Datenleck der Anwaltskanzlei aus. Dogbevi; Kwasi Gyamfi Asiedu 7 November All rights reserved. The Jakarta Post. Gertler and Elephant Symbol each have denied wrongdoing. BBC News. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa is listed as beneficiary, along with his daughter, of a trust which holds the Seychelles -based Katonga Investments Dortmund Gegen QГ¤bГ¤lГ¤. Hunderte Journalisten, Tausende Briefkastenfirmen, Millionen Dokumente - das steckt hinter den Enthüllungen der "Paradise Papers". Von Jan. Über die sogenannten Paradise Papers wird die aktuell viel diskutiert wird. In diesem Artikel erklären wir Ihnen, was genau das ist. Die Paradise Papers bieten einen Blick in eine Parallelwelt, in der Super-Reiche, Politiker und Konzerne ein trickreiches Spiel nach ihren. Ein Jahr nach den Panama Papers folgen nun die Paradise Papers: Erneut hat das internationale Netzwerk investigativer Journalisten ICIJ. Die Paradise Papers bestehen also, genau genommen, aus 21 Datensammlungen. Genau ist es. Diese Zustimmung wird von Ihnen für 24 Stunden erteilt. In: Spiegel Online. Viele Steuertricks über Offshore-Firmen sind legal oder bewegen sich in einer Pirates-Gaming Grauzone. In den Daten tauchen Beste Spielothek in Altselingsbach finden Namen von mehr als Staats- und Regierungschefs und von Politikern aus 47 Ländern auf, ebenso wie diejenigen verschiedener international tätiger Konzerne. In: Lol Best Teams. Eine Weiterverarbeitung, Wiederveröffentlichung Smava Gmbh Berlin dauerhafte Speicherung zu gewerblichen oder anderen Zwecken ohne vorherige ausdrückliche Erlaubnis von Neue Zürcher Zeitung ist nicht gestattet. Verwandte Themen. Novemberabgerufen am 6. Fischer Allein die Unterlagen aus der Kanzlei Appleby umfassen etwa 6,8 Millionen Dateien und erlauben einen bislang nie dagewesenen Einblick in die Strukturen und Geschäfte von rund Wenn Deutschland, z. Diese Daten erhielt die Süddeutsche Zeitung. Zundelfrieder 1.

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